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How does it work ?

The switch plate has prongs on the back on the left and right side that snaps on the socket plug ground & live connection from where it draws a small amount of power to power the led lights.
On the face there is light sensor on bottom left of the plate that sense light/dark and turns on and off the lights.

Are these a fire hazard like some reviews have stated?

No need to worry! At Fnkus, the safety of our customers comes first! That being said, all of our products have been designed to the highest standards of safety, and are ETL listed (a Nationally Recognized Testing Laboratory) in the US and Canada.

How long will the LEDs in the Fnkus last?

The Fnkus will last for up to 25 years before the LEDs begin to dim.

How much does it cost to operate a Fnkus?

The Fnkus costs around 10 cents a year to power (depending on your local cost of power).

How does the Fnkus turn on and off?

The Fnkus include a light sensor that turn the LEDs On/Off automatically. They should be at full brightness when the room is completely dark and slowly dim as the room gets lighter. 

Not UL approved?

All of our products are ETL listed (in the US and Canada). We design our products in conjunction with safety engineers and UL staff to meet and exceed UL standards. All of our products are tested to these UL standards by Nationally Recognized Testing Laboratories. Fnkus uses Intertek as our testing laboratory and all of our products use the Intertek/ETL mark.

Do they ever turn off or are they always on?

They are light sensitive. On at dark and turn off in day automatically. If you have a truly dark place they will just stay on

Are these made out of plastic?

Our products are made out of high temperature, impact-resistant ABS plastic with the highest fire safety rating.